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Paul Kinlan

We're excited to denote that is now disposable connected a .cn domain, making our contented much easy accessible for developers successful China. All contented is mirrored and disposable successful each supported languages connected nan .cn domains.

Find for China astatine

After spending clip pinch developers astatine our 2023 I/O Connect arena successful Shanghai, we discovered much astir nan needs of web teams successful China. We really dream that making our contented easier to entree is simply a bully first measurement successful amended supporting you, and we are looking guardant to processing this further.

Some cardinal things to observe connected this tract are our courses connected cardinal web improvement topics specified arsenic HTML, CSS, and Performance. Learn astir really Baseline is bringing clarity to browser support. Explore curated collections of contented connected subjects specified arsenic accessibility, Core Web Vitals, and Identity.

Also, cheque retired Chrome for Developers, besides launching coming at

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Last updated 2024-02-19 UTC.

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