New chat experience for AWS Glue using natural language – Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue (Preview)

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Web Development - Today we’re previewing a caller chat acquisition for AWS Glue that will fto you usage earthy connection to writer and troubleshoot information integration jobs.

Amazon Q information integration successful AWS Glue will trim nan clip and effort you request to learn, build, and tally information integration jobs utilizing AWS Glue information integration engines. You tin writer jobs, troubleshoot issues, and get instant answers to questions astir AWS Glue and thing related to information integration. The chat acquisition is powered by Amazon Bedrock.

You tin picture your information integration workload and Amazon Q will make a complete ETL script. You tin troubleshoot your jobs by asking Amazon Q to explicate errors and propose solutions. Amazon Q provides elaborate guidance passim nan full information integration workflow. Amazon Q helps you study and build information integration jobs utilizing AWS Glue. Amazon Q tin thief you link to communal AWS sources specified arsenic Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Redshift, and Amazon DynamoDB.

Let maine show you immoderate capabilities of Amazon Q information integration successful AWS Glue.

1. Conversational Q&A capability

To commencement utilizing this feature, I tin prime nan Amazon Q icon connected nan right-hand broadside of nan AWS Management Console.


For example, I tin ask, “What is AWS Glue,” and Amazon Q provides concise explanations on pinch references I tin usage to travel up connected my questions and validate nan guidance.


With Amazon Q, I tin elaborate connected my usage cases successful much item to supply context. For example, I tin inquire Amazon Q, “How do I create an AWS Glue job?”


Next fto maine inquire Amazon Q, “How do I optimize representation guidance successful my AWS Glue job?”


2. AWS Glue occupation creation

To usage this feature, I tin show Amazon Q, “Write a Glue ETL occupation that sounds from Redshift, drops null fields, and writes to S3 arsenic parquet files.”


I tin transcript codification into nan book editor aliases notebook pinch a elemental click connected nan Copy button. I tin besides show Amazon Q, “Help maine pinch a Glue occupation that sounds my DynamoDB table, maps nan fields, and writes nan results to Amazon S3 successful Parquet format”.


Get started pinch Amazon Q today
With Amazon Q, you person an artificial intelligence (AI) master by your broadside to reply questions, constitute codification faster, troubleshoot issues, optimize workloads, and moreover thief you codification caller features. These capabilities simplify each shape of building applications connected AWS. Amazon Q information integration successful AWS Glue is disposable successful each region wherever Amazon Q is supported. To study more, spot nan Amazon Q pricing page.

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