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At nan extremity of past twelvemonth Interop 2023 wrapped up. This effort from browser vendors and different parties intends to create a much interoperable web, pinch fewer differences betwixt browsers to travel you up. This station shares nan last results, and besides immoderate of nan Chrome team's favourite features.

The last scores

 85. Chrome/Edge: 99. Firefox: 98. Safari: 97. Final scores for experimental versions of browsers connected January 31, 2024. See wpt.fyi/interop-2023

It's awesome to spot truthful overmuch green, comparison this to nan scores at nan opening of 2023, and we've travel a agelong way, pinch every browser seeing a immense summation successful nan score.

What are we excited about?

Find nan afloat database of attraction areas for 2023 connected nan Interop 2023 Dashboard. Some attraction areas—such arsenic :has(), container queries, and nan inert attribute, covered an full feature. Others, for illustration nan activity connected Flexbox, dealt pinch immoderate subtle trial failures successful an existing cross-browser feature.


Browser Support

  • 105
  • 105
  • 121
  • 15.4


"Finally a genitor selector for CSS! This has been requested almost from time one, and yet having it successful each browsers is awesome and intends developers request to tally little JavaScript to emulate this selector."—Thomas Steiner, Developer Relations Engineer connected Chrome.

There has been a immense magnitude of excitement astir nan functional pseudo-class :has(), because it brought to nan level a cardinal petition from developers. It gives you a genitor selector— you tin prime an constituent based connected things that are inside it. However, it tin beryllium utilized for truthful overmuch more. As explained successful CSS wrapped, you tin select much much than a genitor element, and moreover do sideways selections.

CSS :has() demo: Dock

Una Kravets, a Developer Relations Engineer connected nan Chrome team explains:

"The :has() selector is 1 of nan astir elastic and powerful recently disposable CSS features. With it, you tin style immoderate genitor based connected nan presence, state, aliases moreover number of kid elements. But what's much is that you tin harvester it pinch different combinators to style siblings and really summation a caller level of style power complete your UI. It's specified a elastic feature! I've already seen a ton of cool demos that trim nan request to trust connected further scripting erstwhile taking advantage of nan powerfulness of :has()."

As Philip Jägenstedt, a package technologist connected Chrome reminded me, :has() was the apical characteristic that developers struggled pinch owed to deficiency of support erstwhile asked in nan State of CSS study successful 2023. So we're not nan only group excited to person this available.

You tin perceive to Una, on pinch Adam Argyle, talk astir has() connected The CSS Podcast, past study much about :has() from these posts from astir nan web community.

  • Learn CSS :has() selector by examples
  • Locking scroll pinch :has()
  • A use-case for CSS :has()

Container queries

Browser Support

  • 105
  • 105
  • 110
  • 16


2023 turned retired to beryllium a awesome twelvemonth for things erstwhile deemed impossible. In addition to :has(), nan web level yet gained cross-browser support for container queries. You've been asking for instrumentality (or element) queries since 2011, only a twelvemonth aft nan conception of responsive creation was introduced. Now, it's here, and disposable successful each awesome browser engines.

Una and Adam discussed instrumentality queries successful nan CSS Podcast, and Una introduced them successful an section of Designing successful nan Browser. The organization has besides been sharing plentifulness of tips and ideas.

  • Container queries are yet here
  • Container Query Units and Fluid Typography


Browser Support

  • 117
  • 117
  • 71
  • 16


Subgrid is my favourite inclusion successful Interop 2023. It lets you specify a grid connected a parent element, and past usage nan way sizes that are defined connected that parent, on grids nested wrong that main grid. Thanks to nan activity of Microsoft Edge's web platform engineers, subgrid became disposable successful each awesome browser engines during 2023, to boost nan people for Chrome, and bring this breathtaking characteristic to everyone.

Chrome Developer Relations Engineer Adriana Jara told maine really grid and subgrid made creating a awesome UI easier,

"I americium unspeakable astatine visuals, layouts, keeping a accordant look, and adapting to screens. But pinch grid and subgrid someway creating a creation that useful crossed aggregate surface sizes and adapts automatically to contented is possible! It's my favourite because it tackles a basal request to create a website that gives users a decent acquisition without a ton of expertise."

I wrote up immoderate usage cases for subgrid successful an article for 12 Days of Web and arsenic pinch nan different features in this post, you tin listen to a CSS podcast section each astir it. There are besides truthful galore resources from astir nan web.

  • Learn CSS subgrid
  • Video: Easy and much accordant layouts pinch subgrid
  • Laying retired contented pinch CSS grid and subgrid

Color spaces and functions

Browser Support

  • 111
  • 111
  • 113
  • 15


It was nary astonishment that Chrome CSS developer Adam Argyle told maine that colour spaces and functions was his favourite feature,

"Goodbye awkward HSL transmission worth adaptable math; Hello just-in-time colour version one-liners. The caller colour spaces and functions don't conscionable lick colour workflow issues either, they bring entree to much advanced, reliable and vibrant colors and gradients. What's not to emotion astir unlocking immoderate abilities while simultaneously making your life easier. Sprinkle successful that Interop effort seasoning, and this crockery is colorfully delightful."

Adam has been creating immoderate astonishing contented to thief you understand these new features, specified arsenic nan High Definition CSS Color Guide and gradient.style, and talking astir color functions connected nan CSS Podcast.

It's breathtaking to person these features disposable successful each awesome browser engines. Find retired much successful these awesome articles.

  • Mixing colors pinch CSS
  • Color formats successful CSS
  • LCH colors successful CSS: what, why, and how?

Looking guardant to Interop 2024

Once features go interoperable, they go portion of Baseline—newly available. It's breathtaking to spot nan number of new features that person entered this group during 2023, successful nary mini portion owed to the work of everyone progressive successful Interop 2023. It will very soon beryllium clip to announce the selected attraction areas for 2024, and we're each looking guardant to seeing how much amended nan web level tin go this year.

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