AWS Supply Chain update: Three new modules supporting upstream activities

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We are launching 3 caller modules for AWS Supply Chain today. These modules are designed to thief you collaborate pinch your suppliers crossed each tiers of your proviso chain, pinch nan extremity of helping you to support optimum inventory levels astatine each tract successful nan chain. Here’s an overview:

Supply Planning – This module helps you to accurately forecast and scheme purchases of earthy materials, components, and vanished goods. It uses aggregate algorithms to create proviso plans that see acquisition orders and inventory transportation requirements.

N-Tier Visibility – This module extends visibility and collaboration beyond your enterprise’s soul systems to aggregate outer tiers of trading partners.

Sustainability – this module creates a much unafraid and businesslike measurement for you to request, collect, and reappraisal information for c emissions, arsenic good arsenic reports connected hazardous worldly utilized successful nan acquisition, manufacturing, transportation, and disposal of goods. You tin now nonstop information requests to aggregate tiers of trading partners, way responses, nonstop reminders to absentees, and supply a cardinal repository to shop and position responses.

Let’s return a look astatine each one…

Supply Planning
AWS Supply Chain already includes a Demand Planning module which uses proprietary instrumentality learning algorithms to forecast request and make a request scheme that is based connected 2 aliases much years of humanities bid statement data. The forecasts are granular and specific, including distribution centers and unit outlets.

The caller Supply Planning module uses nan request scheme arsenic an input. It looks astatine existing inventory, accounts for uncertainties, and supports further business input including stocking strategies, yet generating acquisition orders for components and earthy materials, fresh for reappraisal and approval. Here is nan main page of nan Supply Planning module:

The module besides supports car replenishment and manufacturing plans. The manufacturing plans activity backward from a Bill of Materials (BoM) which is surgery down (exploded) into individual components that are originated from aggregate nonstop and indirect upstream sources.

Supply Planning is done pinch respect to a readying sky and connected a scheme schedule, some of which are defined successful nan statement profile:

The settings for this module besides let for customization of acquisition bid reappraisal and approval:

N-Tier Visibility
This module helps you to activity successful a collaborative manner pinch your vendors, nan vendors that proviso your vendors, and truthful forth. It automatically detects vendors and sets them up for on-boarding into AWS Supply Chain. The module supports manual and EDI-powered collaboration connected acquisition orders, while besides helping to place discrepancies and risks, and to find substitute vendors if necessary.

The main page of nan module displays an overview of my trading partners:

The Portal status file indicates that immoderate of these partners person already onboarded, others person been invited (and 1 fto nan induce expire), and others person yet to beryllium invited. I tin click Invite partners to widen invitations. I prime nan partners (these person mostly been auto-discovered utilizing information successful nan Supply Chain Data Lake), and click Continue:

Then I participate nan interaction accusation for each partner that I selected, and click Send invites:

The interaction receives an invitation via email and tin past judge nan invite. After they person accepted, they tin person and respond to proviso plans and acquisition orders electronically (via email aliases EDI).

The Sustainability module helps you to request, receive, and reappraisal compliance and sustainability information from your partners. It builds connected nan partner web that I already described, and tracks requests for data:

To petition data, I prime nan type of information that I request and nan partners that I request it from, past click Continue:

Then I participate nan specifications that specify my request, including a owed date. I tin inquire nan chosen partners for a matter consequence and/or a record response:

The responses and files provided by each partner are written to nan Supply Chain Data Lake and tin besides beryllium exported to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket.

AWS Supply Chain Resources
If you are caller to AWS Supply Chain and would for illustration to study more, present are immoderate resources to get you started:


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