AWS named as a Leader in 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform Services for thirteenth year in a row

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On December 4, 2023, AWS was named arsenic a Leader successful nan 2023 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform Services (SCPS). AWS is nan longest-running Magic Quadrant Leader, pinch Gartner naming AWS a Leader for nan thirteenth consecutive year. AWS is placed highest connected nan Ability to Execute axis.

SCPS, antecedently known arsenic Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS), is defined arsenic “standardized, automated, nationalist unreality offerings integrating infrastructure services (for example, computing, network, and storage), level services (for example, managed exertion and information services) and translator services (programs/resources that thief customers adopt cloud-oriented IT transportation models).”

I person nan chance to talk pinch our customers each azygous week. When I inquire nan main reasons why they take AWS, I consistently perceive nan pursuing responses:

A ample group of capabilities. AWS offers much unreality services and features than different providers, including compute, storage, databases, instrumentality learning (ML), information analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). This allows faster, easier, and cheaper unreality migration of existing apps and building caller apps. AWS has nan deepest functionality wrong services, specified arsenic a wide assortment of purpose-built databases optimized for costs and performance.

A accelerated gait of innovation. AWS enables faster experimentation and invention done nan latest technologies. We continually accelerate invention gait to invent caller technologies for business transformation. For example, successful 2014, we launched nan serverless computing work AWS Lambda, eliminating server provisioning and guidance for developers. In 2017, we launched nan AWS Nitro System, a operation of dedicated hardware and a lightweight hypervisor that enables amended performance, accrued security, and costs savings for Amazon EC2 instances. At re:Invent 2018, we announced AWS Graviton, a family of processors designed to present nan champion value capacity for your unreality workloads moving successful Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). And today, we proceed to innovate pinch generative artificial intelligence (AI) services specified arsenic Amazon Q aliases Amazon CodeWhisperer, your coding productivity instrumentality disposable successful developer’s integrated improvement situation (IDE) and connected nan bid statement (CLI).

A ample organization of customers and partners. AWS has a large, progressive organization pinch millions of customers and tens of thousands of partners globally. Customers successful astir industries and of varied sizes usage AWS for divers applications. The AWS Partner Network includes thousands of systems integrators specializing successful AWS and tens of thousands of independent package vendors (ISV) adapting their technologies for AWS.

You besides use from the world AWS infrastructure, including nan 33 Regions wherever you tin deploy your workload and shop your data. We pre-announced 4 early Regions successful Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the AWS European Sovereign Cloud.

An AWS Region is simply a beingness location successful nan world wherever we person aggregate Availability Zones. Availability Zones dwell of 1 aliases much discrete information centers, each pinch redundant power, networking, and connectivity, housed successful abstracted facilities. Unlike pinch different unreality providers, who often specify a region arsenic a azygous information center, having aggregate Availability Zones allows you to run accumulation applications and databases that are much highly available, fault-tolerant, and scalable than would beryllium imaginable from a azygous information center.

AWS has much than 17 years of acquisition building its world infrastructure. And, arsenic Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO, keeps repeating, “There’s nary compression algorithm for experience,” particularly erstwhile it comes to scale, security, and performance.

Here is nan graphical practice of nan 2023 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform Services.

Gartner | 2023 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform ServicesThe afloat Gartner report has specifications astir nan features and factors they reviewed. It explains nan methodology utilized and nan recognitions. This study tin service arsenic a guideline erstwhile choosing a unreality supplier that helps you innovate connected behalf of your customers.

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Gartner, 2023 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform Services, 4 December 2023, David Wright, Dennis Smith, et. al.

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