AWS India customers can now save card information for monthly AWS billing

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Today, AWS India customers tin now securely prevention their in installments aliases debit cards successful their AWS accounts according to nan Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. Customers tin usage their saved cards to make payments for their AWS invoices.

Previously, customers needed to manually participate their paper accusation successful nan payments console for each payment. Now they tin prevention their cards successful their accounts by providing consent, according to RBI guidelines. Customers tin prevention their cards erstwhile they motion up for AWS, done nan costs console by adding a paper successful costs preferences, aliases while making a costs for an invoice.

Getting started pinch redeeming your cards for billing
To get started, spell to Payment preferences successful nan AWS Billing and Cost Management console. Choose Add Payment method to adhd debit aliases in installments paper payment.

Enable nan Credit aliases debit card action and input nan paper specifications and billing address. You besides request to supply consent by selecting nan checkbox Save paper accusation for faster early payments.

You will beryllium redirected to your slope website to verify nan paper information. After authentication, AWS India will shop nan paper token securely for early payments. You tin besides prevention nan paper accusation erstwhile signing up for AWS aliases paying an existing invoice.

To study more, spot Managing your payments successful India successful nan AWS Billing documentation.

Now available
This characteristic is disposable now for each customers utilizing debit and in installments cards issued successful India pinch AWS India arsenic their seller of record. There is nary effect connected cards issued extracurricular of India, and you tin proceed to prevention and usage these cards arsenic you do today.

You tin take whether to prevention your cards. However, we urge that you do truthful because it will guarantee your acquisition and costs acquisition remains arsenic seamless arsenic before.

Give it a effort now and nonstop feedback done your accustomed AWS Support contacts.

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