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The Compression Streams API is for compressing and decompressing streams of information utilizing nan gzip aliases deflate (or deflate-raw) formats.

Using nan built-in compression of nan Compression Streams API, JavaScript applications do not request to see a compression library, making nan download size of nan exertion smaller. This useful API is now supported crossed each browsers.

Compressing data

The pursuing snippet shows really to compress data:

const readableStream = await fetch('lorem.txt').then( (response) => response.body ); const compressedReadableStream = readableStream.pipeThrough( caller CompressionStream('gzip') );

Decompressing data

To decompress, tube a compressed watercourse done nan decompression stream.

const decompressedReadableStream = compressedReadableStream.pipeThrough( caller DecompressionStream('gzip') );

Browser compatibility

Browser Support

  • 80
  • 80
  • 113
  • 16.4



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