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Jeremy Wagner

Today we're launching nan first type of Learn Performance, nan latest entry successful nan Learn series connected! As web capacity is simply a captious portion of the personification experience, it was only a matter of clip an charismatic people connected the topic was released!

Learn Performance is intended for an assemblage that cares astir web performance, but whitethorn beryllium conscionable opening to get acquainted pinch it. This people starts from that assumption, but wastes small clip successful getting you into nan method specifications of what it intends to make web pages arsenic accelerated arsenic they tin perchance beryllium for your users. It was written chiefly by Kevin Farrugia, pinch a mates of modules written by Jeremy Wagner, and reviewed by Rachel Andrew and Barry Pollard.

While you whitethorn publication this people successful immoderate bid you like, beginners are amended off working their measurement from nan opening to nan end. Those pinch much acquisition in web capacity whitethorn beryllium capable to prime and take which modules they want to read, in whichever bid you prefer. What matters astir is that you summation knowledge that you tin usage to make your area of nan web faster for each who sojourn it.

Since Learn Performance is presently an first people offering—and therefore not complete—we're unfastened to your feedback, immoderate it whitethorn be. Perhaps you've spotted a typo, aliases a actual error. Better yet, if you'd for illustration to spot a specific topic covered, propose it! If you're truthful inclined either way, file bugs and content suggestions connected our nationalist tracker. In nan meantime, expect additional modules to beryllium released complete nan coming months and beyond.

Are you fresh to study astir performance? Then get started here!

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Last updated 2023-11-01 UTC.

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