Introducing Learn Testing

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Matthias Rohmer

Learn Testing.

Today we are excited to denote nan astir caller summation to our people series! Learn Testing is simply a brand-new people written by Sam Thorogood, a erstwhile startup CTO and ex-Google engineer who understands nan challenges of building robust applications. The new course will thatch you everything you request to cognize astir testing web applications, pinch attraction connected trial automation. You will study astir nan various test types, testing environments, what is really worthy testing, up to writing your ain constituent tests.

Research has shown, developers still walk a batch of their clip moving manual tests. Often because setting up due tests is seen arsenic cumbersome and difficult. But successful astir cases, writing tests is worthy nan effort and tin prevention you clip successful nan agelong run! With the motorboat of nan first chapters of this caller people and nan ones pursuing over the adjacent mates of months, we dream to promote much developers to return the plunge and commencement adding tests to their projects.

As pinch all nan different courses connected, for illustration Learn HTML, Learn Performance, aliases Learn Accessibility you don't request to activity done nan course chapter by chapter. It besides neatly useful arsenic a reference that you tin stock with your colleagues whenever you touch connected testing.

As soon arsenic you are ready, consciousness free to dive into Learn Testing! Let america cognize what you deliberation and what you are looking for successful upcoming chapters, either by filing an issue or by posting astatine america connected X pinch @ChromiumDev.

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Last updated 2024-01-30 UTC.

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