AWS Weekly Roundup — Amazon ECS, RDS for MySQL, EMR Studio, AWS Community, and more — January 22, 2024

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As usual, a batch has happened successful nan Amazon Web Services (AWS) beingness this past week. I’m besides excited astir each nan AWS Community events and initiatives that are happening astir nan world. Let’s return a look together!

Last week’s launches
Here are immoderate launches that sewage my attention:

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) now supports managed lawsuit draining – Managed lawsuit draining allows you to gracefully shutdown workloads deployed connected Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances by safely stopping and rescheduling them to other, non-terminating instances. This caller capacity streamlines infrastructure maintenance, specified arsenic deploying a caller AMI version, eliminating nan request for civilization solutions to shutdown instances without disrupting their workloads. To study more, cheque retired Nathan’s post connected nan AWS Containers Blog.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for MySQL now supports multi-source replication – Using multi-source replication, you tin configure aggregate RDS for MySQL database instances arsenic sources for a azygous target database instance. This characteristic facilitates tasks specified arsenic merging shards into a azygous target, consolidating information for analytics, aliases creating semipermanent backups wrong a azygous RDS for MySQL instance. The Amazon RDS for MySQL User Guide has each nan details.

Amazon EMR Studio now comes pinch simplified create acquisition and improved commencement times – With nan simplified console acquisition for creating EMR Studio, you tin motorboat interactive and batch workloads pinch default settings much easily. The improved commencement times fto you motorboat EMR Studio Workspaces for performing interactive study successful notebooks successful seconds. Have a look astatine nan Amazon EMR User Guide to study more.

For a afloat database of AWS announcements, beryllium judge to support an oculus connected nan What's New astatine AWS page.

Other AWS news
Here are immoderate further projects, programs, and news items that you mightiness find interesting:

Get The NewsSummarize news utilizing Amazon Bedrock – My workfellow Danilo built this application to summarize nan astir caller news from an RSS aliases Atom provender utilizing Amazon Bedrock. The exertion is deployed arsenic an AWS Lambda function. The usability downloads nan astir caller entries from an RSS aliases Atom feed, downloads nan linked content, extracts text, and makes a summary.

AWS Community BuildersAWS Community Builders program – Interested successful joining our AWS Community Builders program? The 2024 exertion is unfastened until January 28. The AWS Community Builders programme offers method resources, education, and networking opportunities to AWS method enthusiasts who are passionate astir sharing knowledge and connecting pinch nan method community.

User Group YaoundeAWS User Groups – The AWS User Group Yaounde Cameroon embarked connected a 12-week shop challenge. Over 12 weeks, participants explored various aspects of AWS and unreality computing, including architecture, security, storage, and more, to create skills and stock knowledge. You tin publication much astir this astonishing inaugural successful this LinkedIn post.

AWS open-source news and updates – My workfellow Ricardo writes this weekly unfastened root newsletter successful which he highlights caller unfastened root projects, tools, and demos from nan AWS Community.

Upcoming AWS events
Check your calendars and motion up for these AWS events:

AWS InnovateAWS Innovate: AI/ML and Data Edition – Register now for nan Asia Pacific & Japan AWS Innovate online conference connected February 22, 2024, to explore, discover, and study really to innovate pinch artificial intelligence (AI) and instrumentality learning (ML). Choose from complete 50 sessions successful 3 languages and get hands-on pinch method demos aimed astatine generative AI builders.

CapsAWS Community re:Invent re:Caps – Join a Community re:Cap event organized by volunteers from AWS User Groups and AWS Cloud Clubs astir nan world to study astir nan latest announcements from AWS re:Invent.

You tin browse each upcoming in-person and virtual events.

That’s each for this week. Check backmost adjacent Monday for different Weekly Roundup!

— Antje

This station is portion of our Weekly Roundup series. Check backmost each week for a speedy roundup of absorbing news and announcements from AWS!

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