Happy New Year! AWS Weekly Roundup – January 8, 2024

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Happy New Year! Cloud technologies, instrumentality learning, and generative AI person go much accessible, impacting astir each facet of our lives. Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels offers 4 tech predictions for 2024 and beyond:

  • Generative AI becomes culturally aware
  • FemTech yet takes off
  • AI assistants redefine developer productivity
  • Education evolves to lucifer nan velocity of technology

Read really these exertion trends will converge to thief lick immoderate of society’s astir difficult problems. Download nan Werner Vogels’ Tech Predictions for 2024 and Beyond ebook aliases publication Werner’s All Things Distributed blog.

Invent 2023To perceive insights from AWS and manufacture thought leaders, turn your skills, and get inspired, watch AWS re:Invent 2023 videos connected request for keynotes, invention talks, breakout sessions, and AWS Hero guideline playlists.

Launches from nan past fewer weeks
Since our last week successful review connected December 18, 2023, I’d for illustration to item immoderate launches from twelvemonth end, arsenic good arsenic past week:

New AWS Canada West (Calgary) Region – We are opening a caller and 2nd Region and successful Canada, AWS Canada West (Calgary). At nan extremity of 2023, AWS had 33 AWS Regions and 105 Availability Zones (AZs) globally. We preannounced 12 further AZs successful 4 early Regions successful Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the AWS European Sovereign Cloud. We will stock much accusation connected these Regions successful 2024. Please enactment tuned.

DNS complete HTTPS successful Amazon Route 53 Resolver – You tin usage nan DNS complete HTTPS (DoH) protocol for some inbound and outbound Route 53 Resolver endpoints. As nan sanction suggests, DoH supports HTTP aliases HTTP/2 complete TLS to encrypt nan information exchanged for Domain Name System (DNS) resolutions.

Automatic enrollment to Amazon RDS Extended Support – Your MySQL 5.7 and PostgreSQL 11 database instances moving connected Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS will beryllium automatically enrolled into Amazon RDS Extended Support starting connected February 29, 2024. You tin person much power complete erstwhile you want to upgrade nan awesome type of your database aft nan organization extremity of life (EoL).

New Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor – This is simply a caller characteristic of Amazon CloudWatch that helps show web readiness and capacity betwixt AWS and your on-premises environments. Network Monitor needs zero manual instrumentation and gives you entree to real-time web visibility to proactively and quickly place issues wrong nan AWS web and your ain hybrid environment. For much information, publication Monitor hybrid connectivity pinch Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor.

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL integrations pinch Amazon Bedrock – You tin usage 2 methods to merge Aurora PostgreSQL databases pinch Amazon Bedrock to powerfulness generative AI applications. You tin usage nan SQL query pinch Aurora ML integration pinch Amazon Bedrock and Aurora vector store pinch Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

New WordPress setup connected Amazon Lightsail – Set up your WordPress website connected Amazon Lightsail pinch nan caller workflow to destruct complexity and clip spent configuring your website. The workflow allows you to complete each nan basal steps, including mounting up a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to unafraid your website pinch HTTPS.

For a afloat database of AWS announcements, beryllium judge to support an oculus connected nan What’s New astatine AWS page.

Other AWS News
Here are immoderate different news items that you whitethorn find absorbing successful nan caller year:

Book recommendations for AWS customer executives – Plan for nan caller twelvemonth and drawback up connected what others are doing and thinking. AWS Enterprise Strategy squad recommends what books are astir important for our AWS customer executives to read.

Best practices for scaling AWS CDK take pinch Platform Engineering – A caller improvement successful DevOps is nan preamble of level engineering teams to build services, toolchains, and archiving to support workload teams. This blog station introduces strategies and champion practices for accelerating CDK take wrong your organization. You tin study really to standard nan lessons learned from nan aviator task crossed your statement done level engineering.

High capacity moving HPC applications connected AWS Graviton instances – When moving nan Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Solver (Palabos) connected Amazon EC2 Hpc7g instances to lick computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems, capacity accrued by up to 70% and value capacity was up to 3x amended than connected nan erstwhile procreation of Graviton instances.

The caller AWS unfastened root newsletter, #183 – Check up connected each nan latest unfastened root content, which this week includes AWS Amplify, Amazon Corretto, dbt, Apache Flink, Karpenter, LangChain, Pinecone, and more.

Upcoming AWS Events
Check your calendars and motion up for these AWS events successful nan caller year:

AWS astatine CES 2024 (January 9-12) – AWS will beryllium representing immoderate of nan latest unreality services and solutions that are intent built for nan automotive, mobility, transportation, and manufacturing industries. Join america to study astir nan latest unreality capabilities crossed generative AI, package specify vehicles, merchandise engineering, sustainability, caller integer customer experiences, connected mobility, autonomous driving, and truthful overmuch much successful Amazon Experience Area.

APJ Builders Online Series (January 18) – This online convention is designed for you to study halfway AWS concepts, and step-by-step architectural champion practices, including demonstrations to thief you get started and accelerate your occurrence connected AWS.

You tin browse each upcoming AWS-led in-person and virtual events, and developer-focused events specified arsenic AWS DevDay.

That’s each for this week. Check backmost adjacent Monday for different Week successful Review!

— Channy

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