New myApplications in the AWS Management Console simplifies managing your application resources

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Today, we are announcing nan wide readiness of myApplications supporting exertion operations, a caller group of capabilities that thief you get started pinch your applications connected AWS, run them pinch little effort, and move faster astatine scale. With myApplications successful nan AWS Management Console, you tin much easy negociate and show nan cost, health, information posture, and capacity of your applications connected AWS.

The myApplications acquisition is disposable successful nan Console Home, wherever you tin entree an Applications widget that lists nan applications successful an account. Now, you tin create your applications much easy utilizing nan Create application wizard, connecting resources successful your AWS relationship from 1 position successful nan console. The created exertion will automatically show successful myApplications, and you tin return action connected your applications.

When you take your exertion successful nan Applications widget successful nan console, you tin spot an at-a-glance position of cardinal exertion metrics widgets successful nan applications dashboard. Here you tin find, debug operational issues, and optimize your applications.

With a azygous action connected nan applications dashboard, you tin dive deeper to enactment connected circumstantial resources successful nan applicable services, specified arsenic Amazon CloudWatch for exertion performance, AWS Cost Explorer for costs and usage, and AWS Security Hub for information findings.

Getting started pinch myApplications
To get started, connected nan AWS Management Console Home, take Create application successful nan Applications widget. In nan first step, input your exertion sanction and description.

In nan adjacent step, you tin adhd your resources. Before you tin hunt and adhd resources, you should move connected and group up AWS Resource Explorer, a managed capacity that simplifies nan hunt and find of your AWS resources crossed AWS Regions.

Choose Add resources and prime nan resources to adhd to your applications. You tin besides hunt by keyword, tag, aliases AWS CloudFormation stack to merge groups of resources to negociate nan afloat lifecycle of your application.

After confirming, your resources are added, caller awsApplication tags applied, and nan myApplications dashboard will beryllium automatically generated.

Now, let’s spot which widgets tin beryllium useful.

The Application summary widget displays nan name, description, and tag truthful you cognize which exertion you are moving on. The Cost and usage widget visualizes your AWS assets costs and usage from AWS Cost Explorer, including nan application’s existent and forecasted month-end costs, apical 5 billed services, and a monthly exertion assets costs inclination chart. You tin show spend, look for anomalies, and click to return action wherever needed.

The Compute widget summarizes of exertion compute resources, accusation astir which are successful alarm, and inclination charts from CloudWatch showing basal metrics specified arsenic Amazon EC2 lawsuit CPU utilization and AWS Lambda invocations. You besides tin measure exertion operations, look for anomalies, and return action.

The Monitoring and Operations widget displays alarms and alerts for resources associated pinch your application, work level objectives (SLOs), and standardized exertion capacity metrics from CloudWatch Application Signals. You tin show ongoing issues, measure trends, and quickly place and drill down connected immoderate issues that mightiness effect your application.

The Security widget shows nan highest privilege information findings identified by AWS Security Hub. Findings are listed by severity and service, truthful you tin show their information posture and click to return action wherever needed.

The DevOps widget summarizes operational insights from AWS System Manager Application Manager, specified arsenic fleet management, authorities management, spot management, and configuration guidance position truthful you tin measure compliance and return action.

You tin besides usage nan Tagging widget to assistance you successful reviewing and applying tags to your application.

Now available
You tin bask this caller myApplications capability, a caller application-centric acquisition to easy negociate and show applications connected AWS. myApplications capacity is disposable successful nan pursuing AWS Regions: US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (N. California, Oregon), South America (São Paulo), Asia Pacific (Hyderabad, Jakarta, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Stockholm), Middle East (Bahrain) Regions.

AWS Premier Tier Services Partners— Escala24x7, IBM, Tech Mahindra, and Xebia will support exertion operations pinch complementary features and services.

Give it a effort now successful nan AWS Management Console and nonstop feedback to AWS re:Post for AWS Management Console, utilizing nan feedback nexus connected nan myApplications dashboard, aliases done your accustomed AWS Support contacts.


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